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Teaching Indigenous Perspectives In the Australian Curriculum

We provide Indigenous perspectives for your classrooms and curriculum

TIPIAC Teaching Indigenous Perspectives In the Australian Curriculum was born out of the need for more Indigenous resources and lesson plans in Australian schools. At TIPIAC we are able to facilitate that as we are teachers and staff from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. With the establishment of TIPIAC teachers and schools now have easy access to resources and background knowledge of Indigenous culture they can easily and confidently implement. We believe that walking together to weave Indigenous culture into the Australian curriculum will revolutionise our classrooms and wider communities.


At TIPIAC we are here to help reduce your work load and close the educational gap of Indigenous children. We know teachers are time poor with the never ending paperwork and “to-do-lists” and Indigenous perspective is under represented in schools. Our quality resources save your teachers and staff time from having to research, develop and produce Indigenous lesson plans that are informative, true and engaging. Allowing teachers to focus on teaching whilst we focus on our specialty – Indigenous perspective. This ensures our resources are current as well as alleviates the pressure from teachers to create a lesson plan whom may or may not have the cultural knowledge or background to apply indigenous perspectives. 

We believe that TIPIAC’s resources will aid in providing our children with a sense of belonging at school and gain a love of learning that positively influences not only their lives but the lives and perspectives of their families and friends. 

 The TIPIAC community are here to help build a stronger connection between schools and Indigenous communities through our online learning platform and resources so our children have a stronger connection to school and feel both they and their culture is valued. 


Our Team

TIPIAC is a family owned and run small business. 

Lena-Jade Cochrane

Graphic Designer & Illustrator

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